Pilot Project

Reactive nitrogen emitted from eastern Colorado is contributing to elevated deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), leading to undesirable ecosystem changes. Nitrogen emitted east of the Park often moves into the mountains during synoptic-scale upslope events that can be predicted.

The goal of the early warning system is to inform agricultural producers of impending weather conditions that are likely to transport nitrogen from eastern Colorado into RMNP. These warnings will allow producers to strategically implement management practices that reduce nitrogen emissions but are not feasible for year-round implementation.

Participants in the pilot project will receive warnings of impending upslope events and will be asked to change the timing of any manure management activities planned during the warning period or by implementing other practices for reducing emissions. Pilot project participants will also be asked to respond to those warnings by indicating whether they are able to change their practices in response to issued warnings.

The goal of the pilot project is to determine the reliability of the meteorological predictions as well as optimize the effectiveness of the meteorological-based warnings before scaling the system for wider use.

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